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Francis_Swaine_-_The_Landing_of_the_Sailor_Prince_at_Spithead_1765Parents, do you think before you post?

Jen Wilkin takes on the issue of documenting our children’s childhoods on social media.  She makes some excellent points, but she’s so succinct, that I’m not going to give anything away by quoting her.  I’ll just say this: if you have kids, and you “post”, this is a must-read.  While I was poking around Jen Wilkin’s blog, I found an older post, “Worship together” that I loved.  This does a great job of outlining our family’s thought process regarding corporate worship, children’s church (Sunday School), and families.  Read it.  Really.

Keeping Your Home – When You’d Rather Have a Different One

Natalie Klejwa has written an absolutely beautiful post about contentment in the face of less than desirable circumstances.  Again, I can’t find a teaser quote that did this justice.  You’re just going to have to trust me and read it.

8 Ways Parents Discourage Their Kids From Reading

“No parent intentionally tries to discourage their child from reading. But sometimes our actions do just that. Kids may be resilient, but they are also really sensitive, and how we handle reading in our homes can work for or against our kids’ reading attitude. Once a child writes reading off, it’s much harder to reel them back in and get them to give it a second shot. Here are eight  things to avoid.” ~ Allison McDonald  // (Note: I respectfully disagree with #1.  I think that oversight of reading material is an important part of discipling our kids for Christ, but I suppose that was not the point of the article.  I have absolutely removed offensive reading materials, and my children have still found plenty of books and magazines to read.)

How To Make a Lapbook Video Tutorial

Erica of Confessions of a Homeschooler has put together a 15 minute video to demonstrate reasons and ways to create 6 types of lapbooks.  Erica explains what a lapbook is:  “So what is a lapbook? Lapbooking is simply a hands-on method of teaching students about any topic! They can include drawings, writings, timelines, pictures, graphs, and any other information that fits your topic. They can be as simple or complex as you like based on the age of your students.”

Sex in the Sermon

This is worth the read.  “Over the past few years, my now 12-year-old daughter has been exposed to some rather uncomfortable subjects. Prostitution, homosexuality, whoring, menstrual cycles, bodily emissions, and rape have all been discussed in her presence.  You might wonder what type of parents we are…”  ~ Melissa Kruger

On File Folders

Connie at The Daisy Head shares a neat file folder project that will provide kids with an expandable timeline.  I know I continue to share timeline projects… I think history is important.  :)

If Insecurity Were a Person

“If insecurity were a person, I wouldn’t be her friend.” ~ Allison Vesterfelt   //  I think about the fine line between insecurity and pride a lot.  A friend of mine recommended this for Web Wanderings, and  the personification of insecurity is interesting.

~ Danika Cooley

Danika Cooley is a children’s writer with a love for God’s Word, history, wisdom and small people. Her work has appeared in magazines including Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse, Clubhouse Jr. and Thriving Family; Upper Room Ministries’ Pockets and Devozine; CBH Ministries’ Keys for Kids, and Cobblestone Group’s FACES and Odyssey. Her work also appears in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Magic of Mothers and Daughters.


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