Web Wanderings ~ July 22, 2014

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Free – Download SIX Songs for Saplings Albums

Songs for Saplings makes great music for kids that can be used to educate children in the truth of Scripture. All six of their Questions with Answers albums are now free in the MP3 format. I downloaded mine right onto my tablet. These songs are used in the New City Catechism developed by Tim Keller and Sam Shammas from the Reformation catechisms. It’s meant to be used with kids from preschool to 5th grade. The New City Catechism is an app–also free to download.

Comfort for Christian Parents of Unconverted Children [Read more...]

Get Bible Road Trip Along with Thirteen Other Grade 4-6 Curricula

Do you have a 4th-6th grade child you’re searching for curriculum for? Check out this digital bundle of curriculum. Bible Road Trip Year One (Curriculum) is included! Are your kids older or younger? Click over to the Build Your Bundle sale and see the amazing bundles for children of all ages. There are even bundles for Charlotte Mason and for moms!

The “Build Your Bundle” – Homeschool Edition sale is going on for one week only (July 21-28)! There are so many wonderful products and amazing deals! We are highlighting the Elementary Bundle below.

Take a look at the Elementary
4th – 6th Grade Bundle:
  [Read more...]

John Newton: A Slave Set Free by Irene Howat {Book Review}

John Newton by Irene Howat

I’d like to thank Christian Focus Publications for giving me a copy of John Newton: A Slave Set Free by Irene Howat in return for my honest review.

Have I mentioned yet that I love, love, love Christian Focus Publications’ Trailblazers Series? How great is it that kids can read about the lives of Christians of yesteryear and learn all about history, character, and perseverance of the saints? It’s really exciting to me. I also love that these are narrative biographies, so while there’s some fictionalization to make them an exciting read, they’re still very true-to-history.

This week I read John Newton: A Slave Set Free by Irene Howat (Christian Focus, 2003). [Read more...]

Finally… Build Your Bundle is No Longer a Secret!

Friends, I promised to let you know when the Build Your Bundle sale begins, and it has begun!

Now you can find out what curriculum is available at up to 92% off retail. The Build Your Bundle team has put together 7 bundles of amazing curriculum. 69, saving you up to 92%. There’s also an option to assemble your own bundles with either 5 or 10 items priced at $19.99 or below.

I’m excited to announce that the Curriculum for Bible Road Trip Year One is available in the Grades 4-6 bundle. It’s an honor to be included alongside such wonderful curricula. I’m still so surprised and excited about how God is using Bible Road Trip in families around the world.

This week I’m going to highlight 3 of the bundles in addition to my regular posts. I’ll do that early in the morning so you’ll just get one email from me as usual. You don’t have to wait to hear what I have to say, though. Click over to the Build Your Bundle site now, and you’ll be able to read about every bundle option. [Read more...]

Just for my homeschooling friends: I have surprises coming! Curious?

Friends, before I tell you when my surprises are coming, I just want to let you know how excited I am about a sale that starts this coming Monday. You can get bundles of digital curriculum (just load up your laptop or tablet and you’re set!), at savings up to 92% off. And you can even enter a giveaway for $100 toward the sale! Don’t wait–enter the giveaway today before you run out of time.

Don’t like the bundles as they’re assembled? No problem! You can assemble your own bundle!

I’m not allowed to tell you about all the fantastic curriculum involved in this sale–yet. But I can tell you that Bible Road Trip is included!  It’s such an honor to see Bible Road Trip sold alongside such amazing items. You’ll recognize many of them. In fact, there are a number of curriculums from Cathy Duffy’s 101 Top Picks included. You could have your shopping for the fall all done on Monday at a tremendous discount! I’ll be posting additional information about each bundle all week next week. Don’t worry–you’ll still see all the regular Thinking Kids posts, and you’ll still just receive one email a day from me. [Read more...]