Hammer of the Huguenots by Douglas Bond {Book Review}

I love this historical fiction on the French Reformed Church from Douglas Bond!

I want to thank P&R Publishing for providing me with a copy of Hammer of the Huguenots in return for my honest review.

Friends, finding books on the Huguenots for kids is hard work. (The Huguenots were the Reformed French Church originating from the writings of John Calvin in the 16th century.) There truly aren’t many resources, and I’m (ahem) kind of picky, so when I found out one of my favorite authors of Church history had penned a young adult novel just in time for us to study the Reformation this year, I could barely contain myself.

Douglas Bond’s Hammer of the Huguenots (P&R Publishing, 2015) is every bit the fabulous work I hoped it would be. Narrated from the viewpoint of a Catholic youth apprenticing for a wealthy shipbuilder, this is a story of intrigue, conflict, and–ultimately–redemption. [Read more…]

This Year, We’re Increasing Our Notebooking Time *a LOT*

 This year, we're really increasing our notebooking time!Illustration: Anatomy of the Neck, Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519), Public Domain


We’re heading into our sixth year of homeschooling. It finally feels like we’ve sort of got this learning thing down for our own family. We’ve found a comfortable rhythm. One thing we’ve increased steadily over the last three years is the time we spend notebooking.

We’re fans of living books, and we use Tapestry of Grace and Bible Road Trip as our primary curriculum. I add: Apologia and Master Books sciences, Life of Fred Math, Greek and Latin, resources from NotebookingPages.com, and we’ll be using Master Books’ Skills for Language Arts. I also use living books for our doctrinal studies (this year we’re studying the Doctrine of God with resources I’ve assembled myself), and our studies in Christian history (using Tapestry and Cobblestone Path).

It all looks pretty eclectic, but the underlying aspects tying everything together are living books, memory work, and notebooking. This year we have a lot of time set aside for reading and writing. [Read more…]

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Back-to-School Membership Kickoff Giveaway

It’s no secret that I love notebooking. Notebooking allows kids to develop skills in the areas of handwriting, reading comprehension, research, and pre-writing — just to name a few benefits! I also love NotebookingPages.com, where I have a Lifetime Membership.

I had to tell you about this one day giveaway, which kicks off an 10-day $25 off sale for Lifetime Memberships! [Read more…]

Friends, I want to apologize.

Last night, I used an expression in my email that I thought was cute. It wasn’t cute, and I’m embarrassed by the definition. I’m grateful to have readers who recognized the use of such language as out of character for me and brought the definition to my attention. I just want to apologize for any offense I may have caused. ~ Danika

Resource List for Cobblestone Path ~ The Nicene Age ~ 325-600 AD

Resource List for Cobblestone Path The Nicene Age

This is a list of great resources for studying the Christian Church from 325-600 AD. This list is designed to coordinate with Cobblestone Path Church History Research Journal ~ The Nicene Age, but can also be used by students just to study the history of the Church. For more great resources chronologically throughout the history of the Church, check here.

Cobblestone Path Church History Research Journals are designed to help middle school and high school students develop a solid understanding of Christian history one “age” at a time. They will also help young adults develop and strengthen skills in pre-writing (notetaking and organization), handwriting, reading comprehension, and research. While much of the research for the journals will be done using the internet, you’ll want to have a good Christian history overview text (or two) and you may wish to supply your students with some great biographies or literature pertaining to the time period.

Following is a list of recommended resources and suggested supplements. Because I know many of you have younger children as well, I will also recommend some great books from The Nicene Age as well. You can include them in your Church history studies with a few well-chosen read-alouds. No notebooking or research required! [Read more…]