Birthday Gifts for Jesus ~ A Christmas Family Tradition

My wonderful friend Tauna from Proverbial Homemaker is sharing with us today. Her Sound Words catechism curriculum is great—you’ll want to check her out! ~ Danika

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Birthday Gifts for Jesus

And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’ – Matthew 25:40

Worshiping Jesus with Gifts [Read more…]

Thinking Kids Book & Curriculum Review Indexes

Friends, I’m so excited to announce that *all* of the book and curriculum reviews here at Thinking Kids are now organized into indexes by age. Those indexes are divided into categories. We’re talking about 4 years of reviews, so there’s a lot to look through. Honestly, I feel like I finally got my vacuum closet organized. I didn’t… maybe that’s next.

Categories include:

  • Christian History
  • Bible
  • Bible Activity
  • Prayer
  • Theology
  • Creation Science
  • Christian Fiction
  • Curriculum
  • Resource Lists
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Wise Men Lessons & Activities

Wise Men Lessons & Activities

My wonderful friend Tauna from Proverbial Homemaker is sharing with us today. She does beautiful printables—you’ll want to check her out! ~ Danika

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One of the most fascinating pieces of the Christmas story is the visitation of the magi. This was a group of prominent men who had been searching out the stars for evidence of the Messiah. When they found it, they set out on a long journey to find Him. Did they believe in Christ when they started their journey? Who knows! Perhaps not. However, when they finally did reach Him, they worshiped Him as the one true King! [Read more…]

7 Tips for Parenting Through the Holidays Without Losing Your Mind

Today’s guest post is by my fabulous friend Anne Marie from Future Flying Saucers. I’m so glad she’s sharing her thoughts on the holidays. They came just in time for me. Anne Marie shares great Bible lessons—don’t forget to take a look!


The fall festivals and candy gathering are over. We’ve traveled through Thanksgiving and we are on the homestretch as Christmas looms before us.   If your house is like mine, you have eight plastic containers filled with Christmas cheer that were dragged down from the attic and are waiting to be opened and used.

You glance at the boxes…then you stare at the calendar wondering when you will actually have time to buy a tree, let alone decorate it. There’s an office party, the kids’ Christmas musical, family get-togethers, choir rehearsals, school parties, birthday parties,  concerts to attend, other church programs to attend…

7 Tips for Parenting Through the Holidays - with an Advent resource roundup! [Read more…]

Master Books for Thinking Kids

Master Books for Thinking Kids

I want to thank Master Books for providing me with a copies of each of the books above in return for my honest reviews.

I joined the Moms of Master Books Review Team in the middle of the year this year, and it’s been a lot of fun for me. One of the reasons I started Thinking Kids four years ago was so that I can share great resources with other families who care about quality Christian books, movies, and curriculum. Master Books (and their parent publishing company New Leaf Publishing Group) has long been a press I appreciate. As we’ve used even more Master Books resources this year, I’m increasingly impressed with the quality (glossy pages, amazing graphics, 3-dimensional information), the price, the Christian worldview, and the writing in these resources.

I think it’s important, too, to note that Master Books has a strong commitment to the literal reading of the biblical account of creation and history in Genesis. If you want science and history from a Creationist viewpoint, look no further. [Read more…]