Studies in World History, Volume 1 by James P. Stobaugh {Curriculum Review}

Middle School World History from a Christian Worldview

I want to thank Master Books for providing me with a copy of Studies in World History Volume 1 in return for my honest review.

I like reading homeschool forums. I’ve learned a lot that way about curriculum, methods, and just generally where people are at with homeschooling. One of the questions I see over and over again involves history. What do we do about history? How should we study it? How much time should we spend? How do we find something that’s written from a Christian worldview?

In our family, we’ve solved the issue by making pretty much everything we do revolve around history on a four-year cycle. We use Tapestry of Grace to study history from a literature-based standpoint and we couldn’t be happier. That said, I know that Tapestry isn’t the answer for everyone, and it’s about as far removed from a stand-alone history program as you can get. [Read more...]

Anticipated Schedule for Bible Road Trip Year Three

Bible Road Trip Year Three Schedule {Free 3 Year Curriculum}

Well friends, Bible Road Trip Year One  and Year Two are published on the blog, and it’s completely available for you to download.  Both years are also available for purchase in the full-year PDF format. We’re ready to drive our Bible journey through Year Three.  It’s always nice to have a map when you set out on a journey, and I know many of you have been asking for a publication schedule.  I know you’d like to be able to plan.

I’ve received a lot of questions about purchasing Year Three. Those full-year PDFs will be available in Spring 2015.

Following is the schedule for Year Three of Bible Road Trip.  [Read more...]

Web Wanderings ~ August 12, 2014

Web Wanderings - Links to Christian Articles

Background photo by the lovely and talented Pamela Koch ~ Thank you, Pam!

Friends, I want to welcome all my new subscribers. I am overwhelmed and humbled to have you all join me here at Thinking Kids and I look forward to serving your family in the way God has enabled me. Year Three of Bible Road Trip is underway! I don’t know about you, but I am excited beyond belief that we’ve made it this far in our journey. I’m getting a lot of questions about when Year Three will be available in the full-year downloads. It will likely be Spring 2015 before it’s ready. Until then, subscribers can download the weekly curriculum for free!  Just visit “Bible Road Trip ~ The Everything Page” under the Bible Road Trip tab beneath the blog header (look up!). You’ll find indexes and links for all things Bible Road Trip.

Last week I spent four days at a Christian writing conference, learning more about my craft and chatting with some wonderful professionals in the Christian book industry. I even got to spend a little time speaking to Frank Peretti, which was fun for me.

On another note, will you join me in praying for a resurgence of biblical literacy across the globe? [Read more...]

Questions God Asks by Israel Wayne {Book Review}

Questions God Asks - A Review by Danika Cooley

I’m reviewing Questions God Asks by Israel Wayne of my own volition. Now you (and the federal government) are alerted. ;)

Breakfast at our house is always a time for devotions. We study the Bible seriously once school starts and again at family worship, but early in the morning we just enjoy setting our minds on Christ by reading a section from a devotional and also a small section of Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology. The topics of our devotionals have varied greatly… it’s just a way to look at some issue from a biblical worldview.

As the boys have gotten older, I’ve been on the hunt for devotionals we can use for middle school and high school. (I’ve also been keeping an eye out for great books to assign as additional reading.) I was excited to discover that Questions God Asks by Israel Wayne (New Leaf Press, 2014) is an excellent choice for our breakfast readings. Though some of the chapters are a little longer than others, they are sub-divided into sections so we can cover just a section or two at a time if we want. [Read more...]

{Free Printable Notebook Pages} Bible Road Trip ~ Year Three Week Four

{Free Printable Notebook Pages} Bible Road Trip ~ Year Three Week Four

Here are the Notebook Pages for Year Three Week Four of Bible Road Trip ~ Matthew ~ Part Two. I’ve posted these by level (Lower Grammar, Upper Grammar, Dialectic) – that way, you can print exactly what you want. To access the free sheets, just click on the link below the titles.

The Notebooking Pages are designed to be used with Bible Road Trip. Bible Road Trip is an exciting journey which places you and your children in the driver’s seat! Aimed at youth grades PreK-12, Bible Road Trip will allow your family to survey the Bible cover-to-cover in 3 years ~ with breaks for summer!

Year Three Week Four Notebooking Pages ~ Lower Grammar (Grades 1-3) [Read more...]